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Metal Detector for Kids

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Metal Mania! Be a treasure finder and search for hidden treasures in the sand or snow with these kids metal detector age 8 - 10. Find it! -Why not choose this metal detector kit as either beach toys or snow toys for your little ones?

Perfect for use at the beach, snowfield or home, or inside! A handheld metal detector wand will detect metal, gold, or coins and make a beeping noise to let you know you’ve found something special. Easy to use! - This metal detector hunter comes with everything you need to be a metal-finding expert. A large coil enables you to detect the bigger scope of land. Just simply press the button, and wave this kids metal detector, it will sound out when it gets close to any metal-made stuff. Includes 1 metal detector kids; 1 shovel, 1 whistle, 1 magnifying glass, and 1 storage bag.

Great for all ages! Retractable handle can be used at different heights from 23.6 to 31.5 inches. This small metal detector is lightweight, adjustable, and perfect for kids or juniors

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