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Fish-N-Mate Sr. Cart with Black Wheels

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$299.99 - $299.99
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Care Instructions:

Air pressure must be maintained at all times

Always wash your cart after saltwater use.(Car wash is ok)

Make sure all spring pins and cotter pins are in place before taking your cart out

Adjust the handle for proper height and be sure to keep the legs clear for travel

Load your cart with the weight to the back of the axle, Balance your equipment

Note: The rod holders were designed for carrying your rod only. It is your option to

use as a surf rod holder.

If necessary, use silicon spray for lubricatio9n on axle

Parts List:

#1 Main frame with #8 rod holders attached
#1 aluminum tee handle with foam grips

#2 5X15 ½” pneumatic tires

#1 5/8” axle 27” long

#3 2/16” X 1 ½” Ss detent pins

#4 5/8” ss Flat washers

#2 U-bolt assemblies: (#2 ¼”x 2 ½” u bolts; #4 ¼” Hex nuts; #4 flat washers)

#2 3/32” circle cotter pins

#1 15/16”X11 ¾” aluminum leg(front)

#1 15/16” X 0 ¾” aluminum leg(back)

#1 frame with cutting board

#5 6 3/8” screws for securing bait bucket

#1 plastic bait bucket

#8 plastic rod tube covers

Assembly Instructions:

Remove cart from container

Check all components with parts list

Remove all parts from main frame

Slide 5/8” axle thru u-bolts

Tighten u-bolts loosley

Measure axle to get centered on frame

Finish tightening u-bolts. Don’t over tighten

Put (1) 5/8” flat washer on each side of axle

Slide a 5X15 ½” wheel on each side of axle

Push a 3/32” circle cotter pin in hole on each side of axle

Put 15/16” foam grip tee handle in 1 1/16” tubing & align to desired height

Put 15/16” aluminum front leg in the 1 1/16” tube & align to desired height

Place cutting board with bait tray into any aluminum rod holder

Note: a back leg has been added to support the cart in the event you sit on the cart. It

Will prevent it from tipping, Remember to put the leg up and replace pin when moving

The cart.

Outside Frame:

10" High

22" Wide

49" Long

Inside Frame:

9" High

16" Wide

49" Long