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Tdeye Fishing Rod

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The Daiwa TD Eye Rods represent a pinnacle of innovation and precision in fishing gear, especially crafted for walleye anglers. At the core of these rods is the High Volume Fiber (HVF) Technology, a hallmark of Daiwa's commitment to lightweight yet strong construction. This technology ensures that the rod is exceptionally responsive and durable, allowing for a more accurate and enjoyable fishing experience. The incorporation of the Fuji LY Guide system elevates the TD Eye Rods to new heights of performance. These guides are strategically designed to reduce tangles and improve casting distance and accuracy, enhancing your control over the line and lure.

A standout feature is the Megatop, which brings an unmatched sensitivity to the rod tip. With three actions utilizing this feature, sensitivity is crucial when targeting walleye, as it enables anglers to detect even the most subtle bites and underwater movements, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Another key element of the Daiwa TD Eye Rods is the X45 Bias Graphite fiber construction, which significantly reduces rod twisting and increases power and sensitivity. This technology provides a more stable and accurate cast, crucial for precise lure placement.

Designed with the specific needs of walleye anglers in mind, these rods offer a combination of strength, sensitivity, and precision. Whether you are jigging, casting, or trolling, the Daiwa TD Eye Rods are engineered to enhance your walleye fishing experience, giving you the edge you need to succeed in every angling adventure.  
Size: 7' Medium-Light/Fast
Style: 1 Piece

Pickup available at Beach Bum Outdoors - Flagship Location in GS, AL

Usually ready in 24 hours

Size: 7' Medium-Light/Fast
Style: 1 Piece