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Gulf Shores Beach Cart Rentals: A Game-changer

Rent a beach cart and fishing gear in Gulf Shores, AL

How do you carry fishing gear on the beach?

If you have ever spent a day fishing on the beach, you already know that long walk hauling all of your gear back to the car. It isn't so bad, as long as you caught something that day. But it can seem exhausting if you don't have the excitement of a fresh catch!

We asked the top fishing influencers on the Gulf Coast, how they carry all of their gear to and from their fishing spots. 

The unanimous answer, a beach cart!

What is a beach cart?

A beach cart is not just a wagon. These carts are designed with fishermen and beach goers in mind. The first thing that you will notice, is some kind of crazy looking wheels! They might look funny, but they are more than effective at cruising the beach with ease. 

These sturdy carts are built to carry your fishing gear, coolers, chairs, beach gear and more! They offer a solid space to organize your belongings and keep your gear all together. Made to be pulled across sandy terrain, they provide an almost effortless way to haul your gear across the beach. 

The only downside is that once you use a beach cart, you won't ever want to haul your gear on the beach without it!

What if you aren't sure if you need it?

Beach Bum Outdoors offers beach cart and fishing gear rentals in Gulf Shores, AL. 

This is a commitment-free way to try out the use of a beach cart and one of our fishing gear bundles.

Just visiting Gulf Shores and don't need to buy a beach cart? Then a beach cart and fishing gear rental is perfect for you! 

Reserve the cart and gear for the day and fish like an influencer with their recommended fishing gear!

Fishing in Gulf Shores, AL

Did you know that you can fish from the beach? All along the Gulf Coast you can find some of the best spots to go Surf Fishing. This is a great way to fully experience fishing, without the need for a boat!

What if you are visiting and don’t have your own gear?

If you are on vacation and don’t have fishing gear, we’ve got you covered! Our beach cart and fishing gear rentals will give you everything needed for a great day of fishing on the beach. 

Don’t let a lack of fishing gear stop you from enjoying your vacation! 

Beach Bum Outdoors has all of your fishing needs covered, in one easy package. 


This kit includes everything you need to get started beach fishing!

Both options Include:

x1 Fish N Mate Sr Beach Cart with Orange Sand Tires

x2 5-Gal Beach Bum Outdoors Bucket

30 Quart Insulated Cooler w/ 2 Bags of Ice


And you have a choice between:

Weekend Warrior

x2 9' or Greater Surf Rods Equipped with Spinning Reels

x2 Tsunami PVC Sand Spikes

Starter Tackle Package Includes:

x2 Pompano Rigs

x2 4oz Pyramid Sinkers

x2 3oz Pyramid Sinkers

x2 Pack of FishGum


Or you can:

Fish like an Influencer

x2 10' or Greater Bummy Stick or Ninja Dagger Surf Rods Equipped with Penn Reels

x2 Premium Aluminum Sand Spikes

Starter Tackle Package Includes:

x4 Pompano Rigs

x4 4oz Pyramid Sinkers

x4 3oz Pyramid Sinkers

x2 Pack of FishGum


 Ready to go beach fishing?

Check Availability now to rent a beach cart and fishing gear!


Do you want to fish like some of the best fishing influencers?

It can be intimidating if you don’t know what gear to get to catch the local fish. 

Lucky for you, we know a guy! Actually 3 of the best!

Maybe you know -

Bama Beach Bum, Brant the Angler and Bearded Brad

Together we put together a great fishing bundle and beach cart, so you can get started fishing without the hassle of getting your own gear. 

Less time shopping for gear, more time catching fish!

This is a great solution if you are on vacation or if you just want to try out fishing gear before buying it. 

If you are new to fishing or just a seasoned fisherman caught without gear, we have the whole fishing set up ready to go for you.

Check Availability now!

When you are ready to get your own gear, Beach Bum Outdoors has everything you need to catch fish! 

Beach Cart Rental

Check Availability now to rent a beach cart and fishing gear!





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