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Use code "FREESHIP" at checkout to receive FREE Shipping on orders over $150!
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Deluxe Bait Motel - Floating Bait Holder

by Promar
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The Promar Deluxe Floating Bait Motels are an upgraded version of the standard Promar Bait Motels. Both models of Bait Models are specially designed with a convenient floating upper compartment and access to bait is secured by a drawstring closure to keep out pesky birds and other wildlife.

They are both a great way to store your bait without a bait tank or keeping your bait pump running. The Deluxe Bait Motels are more durable and heavier duty. The Deluxe Bait Motel features larger, more buoyant float rings and black heavy duty Nylon mesh.

The NE-750 model includes a drawstring top which is great for storing bait or fish. the NE-755 model includes a tackle box and a rod holder, which are great for drift or wade fishing. The NE-760 model includes 2 tackle boxes, 2 rod holders, and 2 float rings for added buoyancy.

The bait motels are a great tool for holding bait for extended periods of time and can be stored to docks or piers.

SKU NE-760