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NLBN- Mini Mullets

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The wait is finally over!!! Everything we love about the Little Mullet, in a 4" profile. Ultra-realistic mullet imitation. This bait can skip, wake, dart, spook, and jump on demand. This topwater/ subsurface fluke style bait is like no other. Designed to trick finicky Snook and Tarpon stuck on a Mullet profile, it's a Go-To when the fish are feeding on top.


  • 4 custom, natural colors
  • These Mini Mullets have a perfect finger mullet profile
  • Designed to be fished with the BKK 2/0 Titan Rider and Diver hooks
  • Real-life sub-surface action
  • Balanced to "glide" when stopped for a realistic presentation
  • Deep Pocket for Maximum hook penetration
Color: Hell Yeah Butter