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Hammerhead Hull Cleaner Spray

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The #1 Hull Cleaner above all other marine cleaners! Hammerhead Hull Cleaner uses a unique acid-surfactant blend designed to remove marine growth, hard water stains, rust, and calcium buildup. Hammerhead Hull Cleaner is free from traditional harsh acids such as muriatic (hydrochloric), sulfuric, and phosphoric acid. Hammerhead Hull Cleaner uses renewable resources to create an effective cleaner that rejuvenates surfaces back to a natural appearance.

  • Free from harsh acids like hydrochloric and phosphoric acid
  • Does not gas or fume like traditional hull cleaners
  • Clear solution will not stain or damage most nautical surfaces
  • Safe for use around aluminum trailers
  • May be used to clean aluminum hulls
  • Ideal for working in tight spaces
  • Unique chemistry allows for multi-tasking, saving time & effort
  • Apply and leave on hull. Remove at your convenience
  • See HammerHead Hull Cleaner in Action with this Video


  • Formulated to target calcium- removing barnacles, muscles, shells and more without attacking metals
  • Removes tannic stains caused by plant decomposition

Environmentally Friendly

Assembled USDA and EPA recognized biobased building blocks derived from renewable resources, making it a significant contributor to the quality and sustainability of life. Hammerhead Hull Cleaner is ideal for use in harbors and marinas seeking state "Green Marina" designation

The only Hull Cleaner with emulsifying agents for duel action cleaning of both bio-fouling and dirt & grime.

Safe for use on equipment containing:

√ copper-nickel √ brass √ iron √ copper √ steel

√ stainless steel √ bronze √ titanium √ chrome √ rubber

√ gelcoats √ fiberglass √ wood √ painted surfaces √ glass

The only product that will not damage aluminum (AL1100) parts.

Pickup available at Beach Bum Outdoors - Flagship Location in GS, AL

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