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Beach Bum Outdoors

Expertly Curated Shore Shark Fishing Bundle

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Experience the thrill of reel screaming runs and the brute strength of an apex predator. Embark upon your own shark safari with our Shark Essentials bundle. We have built this comprehensive tackle package specifically for targeting coastal shark species like Black tips, Bull sharks and Spinners.  This curated tackle collection includes:

Pre-Tied Rigs - Multiple pre tied hook and weight systems that will eliminate ANY guess work the perfect leader line strength, hook size and knots needed to maximize the attraction and avoid losing your trophy fish with incredibly sharp teeth!

Bait Rig - The perfect Pre-Tied Bait system to catch your own live bait easily and increase your odds 10 fold. These include proven hooks, leaders and set up to avoid ANY confusion.

Sputnik Weights - Various sized cutting edge weight system that will ensure your pre-tied system remains in the right spot, every time, regardless of the tides and currents.

Bait Knife - The perfect sized bait knife that is a MUST HAVE item for success in  your shark catching experience. We left NOTHING up to chance!

Long Reach Pliers - Unique pliers to reach and retract the hook out of your sharks mouth without getting hurt in the process.

Dry Bag - The perfect dry bag to house your gear and keep everything you don’t want to get wet or sandy, clean and dry. A staple in every anglers set professional set up.

Limited edition towels - Level up your fishing game with the Beach Bum Outdoors Fishing Towel! This must-have companion is the ultimate catch of the day, keeping your hands clean and dry with its super absorbent and quick-drying material. With its convenient built-in velcro clip, you can easily attach it to your gear for easy access. Say goodbye to messes and hello to convenience with the Beach Bum Outdoors Fishing Towel!

Shark Essentials Bundle: Get the Bundle

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Shark Essentials Bundle: Get the Bundle