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Buccaneer Circle Hook Rigs

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No matter which species you're targeting, these Buccaneer Circle Hook Rigs keep your rigging time to a minimum. Better yet, they'll handle whatever happens to hit, as each rig is hand-tied with top-quality components, including a premium circle hook to minimize gut hooking and ensure quick, solid hooksets and easy release of non-keeper fish. Tied on 36" of strong 30-lb. test monofilament, with a stealthy black swivel for reduced line twist. Package of 3.

  • Versatile multi-species bait rig
  • Hand crafted with top-quality components
  • Premium circle hook
  • 36"L, 30-lb. test mono leader with high-strength crimps
  • Black swivel helps limit line twist
Size: Apr-00
Size: Apr-00