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Use code "FREESHIP" at checkout to receive FREE Shipping on orders over $150!
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Daiwa Saltiga Single-Speed Lever Drag Reels

by Daiwa
Original price $577.00 - Original price $824.00
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$577.00 - $824.00
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Daiwa's completely redesigned Saltiga LD series features the smoothest, most powerful and dependable lever-drag reels available today. Six single-speed models, Seven 2-speed models, plus Two special-purpose tournament style sailfish single speed designs cover all the bases for saltwater anglers from inshore and near shore to offshore and the canyons. 

All Saltiga LD reels feature a one-piece machined aluminum frame and side plate to assure precise alignment of bearings and gears for amazingly smooth performance, less flex, more power and reduced binding even during the fiercest battles. Oversized, super-hard, polished and meshed stainless steel main and pinion gears fit together perfectly to drive the kicking gear with extra strength and nearly silent precision while large spool bearings reduce side load so anglers can concentrate on fighting fish rather than the reel.  

Daiwa's acclaimed Advanced Tournament Drag System (ATD) keeps each Saltiga LD cool during the heat of battle while providing consistent maximum pressure through the end game. A machined aluminum spool won't bend under high drag pressure or outwardly expand as you tightly wind on line. A machined aluminum rod clamp always keeps your reel tightly secured.

Single and smaller two-speed models, along with the high-speed tournament sailfish reels, boast soft-touch rubber handles for fast, comfortable retrieves. The larger size 50, 55 and 60 2-speed models, as well as the 35JH single speed jigging model, feature a long T style offset aluminum power handle to improve leverage and comfort without blistering your hand when the fight is on. The Saltiga LD series also incorporates all CRBB ball bearings for a longer reel life and more consistent performance. 

Max drag ranges from 22 to 45 pounds for most models while line retrieve per handle turn runs from 39.90 to 47.0 The tournament style sailfish models have a max drag setting of 22 pounds and line pick-ups of 54.30 to 56.0 Backed by Executive Saltiga Five Year Warranty and Service. The best warranty in the market. The Saltiga LD line provides top shelf performance. 

SAGLD10H 6CRBB+1 6.3 39.9 15.7 12/270, 14/220 20/330, 30/270 15.5/26
SAGLD15H 6CRBB+1 6.3 39.9 16.9 12/310, 14/270 30/330, 40/260 15.5/26
SAGLD20H 6CRBB+1 6.3 39.9 17.5 14/350, 20/210 40/330, 50/260 15.5/26
SAGLD35H 6CRBB+1 6.3 47 23.1 20/300, 25/240 65/330, 80/230 28.6/40
SAGLD35JH 6CRBB+1 6.3 47 21.7 - 30/440, 40/330 28.6/40
SAGLD40H 6CRBB+1 6.3 47 24.5 25/400, 30/270 65/480, 80/350 28.6/40
SAGLD50HS 6CRBB+1 7.1 56 27 20/640, 30/440 65/610, 80/460 15.5/22
SAGLD60H 6CRBB+1 6.1 54.3 34.5 30/550, 40/420 80/660, 100/550 15.5/22