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Use code "FREESHIP" at checkout to receive FREE Shipping on orders over $150!
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Nomad-Vertrex Max 130 Vibe- 5"

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The VERTREX MAX soft vibe is all about maximum vibration and maximum depth. It has a lifelike action that sinks level and straight, getting down to the fish faster. The deep body profile combined with finely tuned internal weights delivers a soft vibration bait with a huge vibration at super slow speed and even more vibration at higher speeds. The amount of vibration you can achieve at slow speeds just gently hopping this lure on or near the bottom is what sets the Vertrex Max apart from all other soft vibration baits. The deeper body with a wide belly design ensures that even at slow speeds the Vertrex Max is vibrating and attracting attention. The Vertrex features a full wire internal construction for extra strength and is fitted with the ultimate BKK hooks so you can fish it straight out of the box.

Perfect for offshore species like Striped Bass, Yellowtail, Kingfish, Mutton Snapper, Grouper, Red Snapper, Tuna and many more, it is suited to be fished at depths from 40ft-200ft of water. The Vertrex Max can be fished in a similar way to a slow pitch jig. The best technique is to drop them to the bottom and then use 3-10 slow lifts with a short pause off the bottom to get it vibrating on the lift and then as it glides back down on the drop it will often get hit. They can be worked fast or slow, but the Vertrex Max is has huge vibration at slow speeds making it highly effective for this technique.

WEIGHT 2-2/5oz
DEPTH Up to 200ft
ACTION Sinking – Max Vibration
HOOKS FITTED BKK Diablo 5X Singles 2/0
USES Casting – Vertical Jigging
    Color: Bleeding Mullet