Ahi Live Deception Daisy Chain Cedar Plug

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Ready-to-fish out of the packaging, the Live Deception Cedar Plugs features the latest technology in laser printing to transfer real images of baitfish onto the cedar plug body.

The finish is one of the most chip and peel resistant finishes on the market today. In addition to Tuna, The Ahi USA Live Deception Cedar plugs will catch a variety of predatory gamefish such as Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, and Yellowtail.

All Ahi USA Cedar Plugs are hand balanced and include a notched tail for precise hook placement that ensures a perfect hook set when a fish strikes. The plugs come with 150 pound fluorocarbon leader and 10/0 Mustad Hook (except the Natural color which has a 100 pound fluorocarbon leader).

Color: Anchovy
Color: Anchovy