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Use code "FREESHIP" at checkout to receive FREE Shipping on orders over $150!
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BKK Titan Rider Hooks

by BKK
Original price $6.99 - Original price $7.99
Original price
$6.99 - $7.99
Current price $7.99
Thoughtfully designed for weedless rigging of large swimbaits and soft plastics, the BKK Titanrider Swimbait Hooks specialize in both strength and functionality when big bait fishing. These swimbait hooks feature a deep hook gap that allows for proper rigging of plus-sized swimbaits for maximum hook point exposure after a bite. A unique adjustable silicone bait stopper keeps soft plastics in position during casting and swimming, yet easily slides down the hook gap during a strike to expose the point. The hook eye is equipped with a screw-locking spring bait keeper designed to reduce wear and tear on your baits and make them easier to add or remove. A lengthened hook point section and deep hook gap allow for further penetration into the fish's mouth for deeper and more secure hooksets. BKK's unique Super Slide coating aides in the penetration process by reducing friction to a minimal level, ensuring higher hookup rates and more successful landings.
  • 5/0 contains 3 hooks
  • 2/0 contains 5 hooks

SKU A-EW-9614