Pre Rigged Shrimp Popping Cork

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Float rigs have become more and more popular, and now, the Tsunami® Pro Oval Rattle Float Shrimp Rig is ready to tempt bites out of many kinds of saltwater gamefish. This pre-rigged bite getter casts deep into the salty waves, thanks to its buoyant and highly visible bobber. Once it's there, give it a twitch and the rattle will alert surrounding fish that dinner is served. With each twitch and pull on this float rig, the shrimp lure seems to swim up and forward. Plus, with every passing wave, it dances up and down with lifelike motion. Tsunami Pro Oval Rattle Float Shrimp Rig comes equipped with a black titanium wire that prevents kinks during the cast and landing. This saltwater fishing lure has been hand tied with a strong 25-lb.-test fluorocarbon leader.

  • Highly visible bobber can be seen from a distance
  • Built-in rattle alerts surrounding fish
  • Shrimp lure's constant action provokes bites
  • Titanium wire that prevents kinks
  • 25-lb.-test fluorocarbon leader
Style: Oval
Color: Clear Shrimp/Red Flakes

Pickup available at Beach Bum Outdoors - Flagship Location in GS, AL

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Style: Oval
Color: Clear Shrimp/Red Flakes