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Seaborg Dendoh Rod

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The all new Daiwa Seaborg Dendoh Rods are designed for cutting edge deep drop techniques for swordfish grouper, snapper, rock cod, and other deep denizens. Featuring X-45 Bias Carbon Technology, the blanks are wound with carbon fiber on a left/right 45˚ degree weave. The carbon fiber reinforces and radically strengthens the blank to prevent twisting and ovalization when under a load, allowing for a lighter, stronger, and more powerful rod.

The line is held on by FUJI stainless steel guides that are light and strong, and corrosion resistant. The FUJI guides also boast silicon carbide rings, the gold standard for ring material. SiC guides are excellent at dissipating heat making them ideal for light drags and/or big fish.

The Daiwa Seaborg Dendoh Rods also sport either ALPS Swivel Roller Tips or AFTCO Roller guides w/swivel top. The roller tips feature a highly polished finish and ball bearings, making them incredibly smooth, and highly functioning roller tips. The Daiwa Seaborg Dendoh Rods come standard with the Original Daiwa Ultra-Durable durable wrapping on the foregrip. The long curved butt design allows flexibility for long days out fishing.

Specs & Features

  • X-45 Bias Carbon Technology
  • ALPS/AFTCO Swivel Roller Tip
  • FUJI SS guides w/ Silicon Carbide rings
  • Long Curved Butt Design/Adjusta Butt
  • Daiwa Original Ultra-Durable Wrapping on the Foregrip
Size: 6' XH - Line Wt.= 80-200

Pickup available at Beach Bum Outdoors - Flagship Location in GS, AL

Usually ready in 24 hours

Size: 6' XH - Line Wt.= 80-200