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Salt Strong Slam Series - 7 Pack

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After years of testing out all different color patterns, there has been 1 that has consistently proven to be a top performer in the entire spectrum of water clarity and region...

And that color has been plain white.

The science behind this fact is that the white color takes on the tint of the water since the only color the fish can see is the tint of the water in between it and the lure.

The reason this is extremely helpful in catching fish is that the baitfish will naturally be trying to blend into the color of the water too... so the white lures automatically take on the right tint the predators are looking for.

The downfall of white is that it sometimes hides the lure too well given that it's blending in with the color of the water.

To fix this blending issue, we added in some flash to help ensure that the fish's eyes get drawn to it to maximize the number of strikes we can get.

But instead of just adding in either silver or gold flash (the two most popular and effective flash colors for years), we added them both to make sure it works when the fish are responding to both silver and gold.

And the initial testing of this exclusive Slam Shady color pattern has been extraordinary!

It has proven to outperform every color we've tested it against.

With this 1 color, you won't have to worry about changing to a different color because it works across the entire water clarity spectrum for both fresh and saltwater fisheries.

 7 Pack

Salt Strong Slam Series Lures

Color: Slam Shady 2.0
Pack: 3.5"
Style: Paddletail

Pickup available at Beach Bum Outdoors - Flagship Location in GS, AL

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Color: Slam Shady 2.0
Pack: 3.5"
Style: Paddletail