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Yo-Zuri-3DB Jerkbait -3.5"

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The Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait is a suspending lure with an irresistible minnow shape. It is the only jerkbait designed with “Flat Sides,” which make it perfect for stop-and-go retrieves, or a pause/jerk/pause technique. The “Flat Sides” make this jerkbait more responsive, especially when you “jerk” your rod tip. The holographic mylar tinsel tail flashes and pulsates in combination with the Patented Internal 3D Prism finish or New Painted Finish, and Wave Motion Technology to tempt even the most finicky fish.
Depth: 2-3'
Weight: 3/8oz
Color: Prism Gold Black

Pickup available at Beach Bum Outdoors - Flagship Location in GS, AL

Usually ready in 24 hours

Depth: 2-3'
Weight: 3/8oz
Color: Prism Gold Black